Drupal & PHP


Drupal is an open source and an extremely powerful Content Management System (CMS). Drupal is commonly described as an “online community in a box”. Drupal is convenient for its flexibility in architecture; its large library of already written and tested lines of code speaks of Drupal's strength and versatility.

Drupal is best suited as a platform for many Companies, NGOs, Education/Institutions, Clubs & Associations, and for building Social Communities.

SourceN’s developers are passionate about the software and eager to contribute their time and knowledge to the advancement of any project – upgrading, migration, theme development and custom module development.

  1. Enterprise Support Communities
  2. Drupal Knowledge management solutions
  3. Drupal Crowd funding communities 
  4. Corporate Website and Profiles
  5. Drupal eCommerce and Shopping cart solutions
  6. Drupal Analytics and Visualization solutions
  7. Drupal Optimization and Migration 
  8. APIs for Mobile solutions 

PHP is an Open Source technology, also know as server side scripting. It can be used to create even the most complex websites.

We use PHP with mySQL, an open source database, to develop dynamic and comples websites tailored to our client's requirement and business specifics. PHP programming provides the flexibility to develop custom code or use an existing open-source package or php script like Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress. 

We have been creating custom framework for any kind of PHP development and our highly experiences developers are well versed with the frameworks like cakePHP, Zend etc. We can create various PHP application development frameworks and provide various PHP services like :

  1. PHP web development
  2. Corporate website development
  3. PHP based CMS development
  4. Custom PHP development
  5. PHP/MySQL development
  6. Web application development
  7. E-commerce development
  8. Portal development solutions
  9. Custom PHP Programming


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