Ext JS

Ext JS 4 offers an unprecedented amount of user interface widgets, high performance scalable grids, trees, menus, and much more. The Ext JS community is extremely strong and has a core library of thousands of user extensions that allows us to build rich web frameworks rapidly and cost effectively.

Our Sencha Expertise

  • EXT JS 4
  • EXT Designer
  • EXT Core
  • Sencha Touch 
Ext JS 4 is extremely flexible because it allows developers to launch on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems using the same code (over ten years of browsers in one release). Ext JS 4 makes it easy to build an app that gives you the power of the web regardless of what browser your customer uses.
SourceN has an immense amount of experience with Ext JS and has become the premier agency for Ext JS development. Our methodology revolves around leveraging the wide range of rich UI widgets and integrating the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities to generate robust, reliable and dynamic web apps.
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