SourceN develops iPhone applications that combine functionality with aesthetics. Original and innovative, our applications are as easy to use as native applications and have been one of the top rated apps in the iTunes stores.

SourceN houses a briliant team of developers who understand the core processes of iPhone and iPad application development. Our skilled team has experience in using the Cocoa touch/Objective C, Interface Builder, Instruments testing, GPS, Open GL ES, Open AL, Unity 3D Engine, Audio Video Foundation Framework, XML Parsing, Memory Management, Audio Queue Services Programming, Core Animation, Core graphics, Secure Coding, Stream programming and Core location Framework. Leveraging the best of Apple's technologies and Cocoa's APIs, we create a tightly-integrated development experience that enables easy addition of animation, networking, appearance, and behavior to applications.

Here is a list of just some of what our developers are capable of –
·         Location-Based Applications (LBA)
·         Push Notifications
·         Social Applications, like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and others
·         Enterprise Applications
·         Entertainment and Gaming Applications
·         UI/UX Development for Existing Applications
·         iPhone Applications porting from other platform
·         Third-party Service Integration

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