Jive's social business software allows integrating modules of discussions forums, blogs, and wiki documents in to a unified application. SBS architecture also supports custom content types in addition to discussions, blogs, and documents. SBS is built on the popular Java and Spring platforms. Jive's Social Business Software is a leader in the social community software and its customers include Fortune 100 companies.


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Implementation : Successfully implemented over 50 Jive Projects and are confident to handle simplest and most complex deployment.

Customization : Deep experience in customizing, extending and Reskinning Jive from the ground up.

Social Networking lntegration : Integrate your Jive implementation with popular social networking sites, increasing the virality of your community and creating a behind the firewall Corporate Facebook & buddy lists and creating a behind the firewall Corporate Facebook.

Metrics, Measurement & ROI : Have extensive metrics and key performance indicators (KPls) for measuring and tracking the performance of your on-line community. We can help you measure and defend your Social Media ROI.

Reporting & Analytics : Implement and help leverage Analytics and Insights to gain value business intelligence from your community. We can also integrate 3rd Party Analytics and Social Media Monitoring tools with Jive.

Porting/Migration/Upgrade of Jive : Ensure porting, migration and upgrade (upto Jive 5x) and ensure all prior customizations are adapted to Jive.

Visual Design : Customize your Jive site to ensure that it meets your branding and user experience goal.

Content Management System lntegration : Integrate open source and commercial content management systems with Jive such as Drupal,Wordpress, Alfresco, Interwoven, Open Text / Vignette,Fatwire, Oracle / Stellent, etc.

Single Sign On (SSO) : Integrate Jive with any external user management and permission system including both LDAP and non-LDAP systems.

lntegration : Expertise in integrating Jive with enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, Share point, Content Management Systems and BI tool.

Plug-Ins &Widgets : Built widgets that integrate third party services/applications into Jive and solve your plug-in and widget needs.

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