Social Media Strategy Consulting

Before employing any social strategy, it is necessary to understand who the target market is and how to best reach them given the products/services being offered. Once defined, the next step requires an assessment of the firm’s organizational capability, budget, and technology available to support the development of the social strategy. Following a thorough analysis, we can then work to define a social media strategy plan that best aligns with the firm’s goals, resources, and budget.

All online communities are unique, and as such require specific strategies for growth and engagement. We develop strategies on the learning that we constantly gather from our Industry practices and Case Studies. SourceN professional team members are keen on deciphering the customer’s needs and goals of the community and our guidelines will be focused on

Our structured plans for a social strategy are specific to the related target audience. Social strategy planning will include the balance of technology, conversion strategies, community management requirements and resources complete with a detailed resource and budget plan.

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